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Perfect AI responses withzero effort.

The only AI enrichment engine. With over 100 recipies and access to the leading LLMs, you will always get the best AI response without having to write perfect prompts.

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80% of AI users struggle with poor results because they don't know how to prompt.

Talk to AI like it's human, context window, assign it a role. Too much thinking...


hrs perfecting prompt


Still getting useless answers


Quit in frustration

Perfect prompts with zero effort

Over 100 prompts to get you started, create your own prompts, get prompts from the community library, and get free consultation to create prompts for yourself our your business.
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Prompts (Recipes)

  • Over 100 prompts to get you started
  • Create your own prompts
  • Get prompts from the community library
  • Get free consultation to create prompts for yourself our your business


Save hours of useless prompting !


Perfect for small creators




  • Access to over 100 Recipes
  • Text-Only Access to only chatGPT
  • 128k tokens context window
  • Newsletter Access



Perfect for someone who wants a bit more




  • All the features of the Starter plan
  • Create Custom Recipes
  • Files Access to ChatGPT (PDFs,Docs)
  • Image Access to all models
  • Text Access to all AI models


For the power user




  • All the features of the Pro plan
  • Free Consultation to create personal Recipes
  • Ask For Custom Recipes
  • Ask For Custom AI models to be added
  • 24/7 support


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You get an easy way to get the best from AI without doing the extra prompting work.
  • Yes! You can request a refund within 7 days of your purchase. Reach out by email.

  • Cool, contact us by email

Chat, enrich, boom!

Don't waste time perfecting prompts